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We are The PaperBird Company and we are over the moon that you've dropped by. We are a small independent business
set in the heart of the English Lake District and from our lovely little studio, we design & handcraft paper goods that are a
little less ordinary for life's adventures. We also work very closely with other small UK businesses & designers to bring you
a carefully handpicked collection of contemporary handmade & personalised gifts.

Our gorgeous wedding guest books, albums, journals and stationery are handmade to order to capture your special memories.
Our wedding invitations are designed with you in mind without the blah, blah, blah, a little less stiff and formal a more contemporary approach.
Your wedding stationery should reflect you, so if 'requesting the presence' is just not your thing or you a looking for the untraditional
then our laid back wedding invites might just be your bag.